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How can YOU Overcome the 50% Odds that YOUR Marriage will End in Divorce?


We just watched a show that stated the average marriage lasts only 8 years. It also stated that 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, with the rate being higher among the Hollywood spotlight, with only 35% of Hollywood marriages succeeding. Wow! What a bleak statistic.

It doesn’t have to be this way. A marriage is meant to last a lifetime. Yet, a fairytale marriage will not happen just because you wish for it. Knowledge is required. What you don’t know can destroy your relationship. Marriage should bring increasing joy to a husband and wife. It should get better with time. It is ever growing and changing.

How do you overcome the odds of a 50% divorce rate? One way is to never stop learning; never stop laughing; never stop loving. Not the touchy feely kind of love but love that is patient, kind, endures, and does not fail. Decide failure is not an option, that focus will help keep you on course. It will compel you to find out what your wife likes this week. (Yes, this week, because if you know like I know, that is about how often her taste changes.) It drives a wife to find out what pleases her husband and then do that, which pleases him. Marriage is a journey that you are taking with your spouse. Enjoy the ride. Like a good roller coaster, take the turns with excitement, the uphill climb with anticipation, and the free fall drop with your hands in the air shouting for joy.

This Relationship Revolution is for those who are willing to strive and go from good to great, alright to awesome and beyond. Feeling faint at heart? Stick with DeborahJerome we can move forward together.

Of course this is not to tell anyone to remain in an abusive relationship. If you are in an abusive relationship or in danger seek immediate help. In all things use wisdom.

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