C Me

C-Me! ™   


C-Me!  (Celebrate Me!) Celebrates the person you are. It helps you to recognize the value that is yours. This becomes easier as you realize the treasure and greatness that is stored within you. If you’re not married and desire to be, please don’t self doubt. If you haven’t landed that great job in the field you went to school for, please don’t self doubt. Age, economic status, and marital status are irrelevant when it comes to knowing who you are. C-Me  is all about relating to yourself and then relating to others in a positive way.

Negativity comes at you like flaming arrows. Like superman, you shield them off with your hard exterior, while on the inside there is a longing to let down the guard and just be the authentic you. Who is the authentic you? Finding this person is a process. It means discovering your true temperament versus the behaviors learned through your environment.


Give yourself permission to live your best life. Invest in yourself, you’re worth it.  Discover how great you really are. Even if you think you have it all together, stick with DeborahJerome, we will help you dig a little deeper and discover your untapped treasures.

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