How to Get Organized with Kids

How to Get Organized with Kids

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How to Get Organized with Kids, is it possible? Sure it’s possible, the key is to define organization for your household. Don’t compare yourself to your neighbors or the folks you see on TV. Don’t even compare your life today to the life you had before children. Sit down and define for your household what organization looks like in this season of your life.
Be sure to give yourself and your children room to grow.
Children can learn at a very young age to pick up behind themselves. Putting their clothes in the proper hamper specified for colored clothes and the one designated for whites is something little ones can do. They can pick up their toys and take their plate to the sink versus leaving it on the table. Let them help – they learn organization and the gift of contribution.
Can you do this as a busy parent? OF COURSE YOU CAN!
Watch the short video for a few minutes of insight and inspiration. Leave a comment and let me know how organization is going for you. Are you willing to take the pressure off of yourself?


Is there a ROAR in YOU? Thoughts provoked by Zakiya Larry

Is there a ROAR in YOU? Thoughts provoked by Zakiya Larry Female_Lion

After listening to speaker, media and PR mogul Zakiya Larry at a recent Vicki Irvin conference this thought popped up in me – Is there a ROAR in YOU?

This thought did not come to me right away. It was a whole 24 hours later. I was driving in my car with thoughts rolling through my mind. The words of Zakiya where leaping off the pages of my imagination. She never mentioned the word ROAR but this is what I saw – a baby lion and then a big lion.

The little lion appearing on the scene but the ROAR of a furious large cat coming from its belly.

Zakiya Larry is a media and public relations powerhouse and she gave powerhouse information in that area. But what I recount so vividly is her story of competing in beauty pageants and not fitting the mold. You see that’s where the little lion comes in.

She did not have the classic look of a beauty pageant contestant. Her eyes were not blue or even green. There was no long hair flowing down her back. There stood a 5′ 2″ petite brown girl from the state of Texas with brown eyes and the tenacity of a lion. It was the classic scene of David and Goliath as she stood against the towering 5′ 9″ and above women to compete.

However, like David she didn’t look at the obstacle as too big to concur. She didn’t look at the other contestants and what they had. She looked inside herself to honor what she had. Her self worth and self esteem had risen beyond that of the little lion.  Zakiya

The beautiful Ms. Larry knew she had a command over the English language like no other. So when she opened her mouth out came her ROAR and it could not be denied. She used her gift to do great things. She went on to win numerous crowns as some watched in awe, others cheered her on, and still some stood by confused on the sidelines.

Today she uses this same gift to perfect great things in the lives of others. She found her ROAR. Not loud and abrasive but powerful and strong.

The lesson here. Take command of your ROAR. It’s in you waiting to come out. Whether in business or in your personal life know your strengths and cultivate them well. When confronting Goliath don’t be so concerned with what he has. Spend your time being confident in what you’ve got and release your ROAR. Goliath will be slain and you will come out the victor.

My encouragement to you.

1) FIND your ROAR.



4) REPEAT steps two and three.

Like Zakiya Larry take charge of your ROAR.



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Finding the Proverbs 31 Woman: 10 Virtues to Teach our Boys


Finding the Proverbs 31 Woman: 10 Virtues to Teach our Boys



A capable, intelligent, and virtuous woman—who is he who can find her? She is far more precious than jewels and her value is far above rubies or pearls. Proverbs 31:10 [emphasis added].

Often we hear about this Proverbs 31 woman. Many of us teach our daughters to become a Proverbs 31 woman. As women, a huge number of us strive to be like her. However, we hear far less of teaching our boys, our princes and soon to be kings, to identify this woman.

The principles taught in this book of the Bible are actually the instruction of a mother to her son. She is giving him instruction on what to look for in a woman -how to spot the one. Her son would someday be king and as a king she did not want him to give away his strength to loose women or to those women who would destroy him. [Prov. 31:3]

Just as there are treacherous men out there, there are treacherous women. Whether one believes in biblical Scripture or not, there are truths that can be learned from the teachings of this mother to her son. She taught her son to be an honorable man and to detect an honorable woman.

The words of this mother, taught to her son, give us many virtues to pass along to our boys. Ten are listed here, however, there are many, many more.

She taught her son:

  1. Not to become drunk because it would skew his good judgment.
  2. That a good woman is more precious than the most precious of jewels.
  3. That in his wife he should be able to trust and rely on her securely.
  4. That charm can be deceptive and beauty can be vain.
  5. To look for the beauty that comes from within a woman and does not fade with time.
  6. To look for a woman who does not entertain gossip or wallow in self-pity.
  7. To find a woman who opens her mouth in skillful and godly wisdom.
  8. To identify kindness in a woman.
  9. That his wife will comfort, encourage, and do him only good.
  10. That this is the kind of woman he can boast in and give his heart.

I myself have two boys and a daughter; and I am just as protective over my boys as I am my girl. Time has been spent teaching and showing each of them how they are to be treated by someone of the opposite sex.

We nurture our daughters from princess to queen and teach them to recognize their future husband when he comes along. So it is with our sons. We teach our boys from prince to king and train his eye and heart to recognize his Proverbs 31 jewel.

I hope you find the virtues taught by this mother to her son helpful as you train and instruct the young men in your life.

5 Ways to Experience More Joy and Happiness in Your Marriage

5 Ways to Experience More Joy and Happiness in Your Marriage

Joy and happiness are two elements of a healthy marriage. They sound like the same thing but really they are very different. Yet, both are needed.

A marriage can have highs and lows, challenges and smooth sailing. Still, joy and happiness can be experienced every day. They are not something that you and your mate experience on holidays or a few times a year. It is possible to experience joy and happiness every day of your married life. [If you are not married modify this information to your relationship with family or a significant other].

Joy is an internal knowing. It begins on the inside and is expressed outwardly. Whereas, happiness is felt because of the events and situations that are “happening” around you. Joy is an internal quality and happiness is generally birthed from outside stimuli. Joy is not only an internal quality it is an eternal quality. It is something that belongs to you and can only be taken away when you choose to give it up. Happiness on the other hand, if not checked, is solely reliant on outside sources and can change with the blowing of the wind. A good balance is let your joy influence your happiness also and not solely external happenings.

You are responsible for your own joy and happiness. Don’t put this off on your mate. It is too much for them to handle.  Together you will experience joy and happiness, but you are not responsible to produce these qualities for the other person.


Joy and happiness are both needed in a healthy marriage. They put a smile on your face, make the day run just a little smoother, and cause your heart to sing. Have you ever seen someone who has given away their joy? That person is generally depressive, lowly, sad, or woe is me.

You are responsible for your own joy and happiness. Don’t put this off on your mate. It is too much for them to handle.  Together you will experience joy and happiness, but you are not responsible to produce these qualities for the other person.

Now, by all means, this is not an open invitation to treat your mate poorly or without concern. Do your best to please your mate.  If you know it excites your mate when you bring him or her home something special from work why not do it? If all it takes is a special note in the lunch box or a single red rose picked up on the way home – why not do it? While it may not be your sole responsibility to make your mate happy or bring out feelings of joy, do your part.

Phrases like freedom, light hearted, he doesn’t let anything get him down, and she is always happy are associated with people who experience joy in their lives. Now add some happy occasions on top of this and you have a person who is much easier to get along with in a marriage relationship. Internal joy and the experience of happy happenings can help to eliminate the all too often mood swings that many of us experience.

Imagine experiencing joy and happiness every day in your marriage. It probably gives you a good feeling just thinking about it right now. Start to experience greater joy and more happiness by changing the way you see your daily situations. Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

  1. Find the “lovely” in each activity of the day.  Search for something good or noteworthy in each situation you find yourself.
  2. Look for solutions rather than hanging on to the problems.
  3. Try to outdo one another in providing a home filled with joy and joyous activities.
  4. If you know something bothers your spouse, steer away from that thing or sit down and talk about it, looking for a solution instead of rehashing what is wrong.
  5. If you know certain things make your mate happy, make an effort to do those things.

It will take some effort from each spouse, but joy and happiness are yours. Take hold of them and don’t let go.


What do you do, in your marriage, to help one another experience greater joy and happiness within your relationship? It might be something elaborate like vacations once a quarter or small like keeping the kitchen clean so the other spouse can easily get in there and cook a meal. Do tell!

Should I make a New Year’s REsolution?

Should I Make A New Year’s REsolution?

Have you ever taken the word resolution apart? I know I had not until the other day, and WOW, when I did what I saw was REsolution.  It placed something in my mind so different from the standard thought of a resolution. My standard thought of a resolution was a goal many people set at the first of the year and keep for about 3 weeks and then move on to something new.

I now see a resolution as a determination to go for the solution. How about that? When thought about in these terms it seems to hold much more power.  Every successful business, family, and individual person takes the time to set intentions, goals, and take corresponding actions.  These are the things that keep us moving forward as we learn from our past.

Now, let’s answer the question above. Should I make a New Year’s REsolution?  Yes. Milestone dates such as the beginning of a new year, birthdays, graduations, anniversary and the like are great times to take a look at what needs to be re-evaluated in your life. REsolutions allow you to:

  • Re-evaluate
  • Re-connect                      
  • Re-view
  • Re-examine and
  • Re-establish a resolves to go for the solution.

So what if you make the same resolution you made last year. Go for it! However, this time put a workable plan in place to help you succeed. What is a workable plan? In brief it is a plan that is attainable for you, time bound, and allows room to celebrate and measure small successes. It allows for flexibility as day-to-day life may throw you a curve ball.  This workable plan builds on accountability and successful intentions.

It’s your future; your destiny. Take hold of it, making conscious choices and decisions. Determine that YOU will go for the solution – even if it means making a REsolution.  If you don’t like the word “resolution” call it something different.

  • Goal
  • Plan
  • Aspiration

Whatever you call it, whenever you choose to do it – just get it done. Call it forth. Think it through. Write it down. Plan it out. Take the corresponding action. It’s your life.  It’s time to take a resolute stand so that you can experience the best that life and love have to offer.


Jerome and Deborah have declared a Relationship Revolution to keep relationships moving forward in a positive direction. They are here to help you experience the best life and love have to offer. Many years ago a couple named Fred and Joan, took time to pour wisdom into Jerome and Deborah. After 26 years of marriage, three kids, and one grand baby it’s now their turn to pour into YOU; helping YOU to see your relationships with selffamily, business, and others who have become a part of your life, in a new more brilliant light. Stick with DeborahJerome; together we’re going places.

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Don’t Try To Change Your Mate





Don’t Try To Change Your Mate


Quick Revolutionary Relationship Tip


Don’t Try To Change Your Mate <<<< CLICK

Do Hairstyles Define Us?

In Today’s Society Are We Still Judged By Our Hairstyle?


Do Hairstyles define us? Is stereotyping of hairstyles still a part of our work relationships today? We came across this article with some very interesting photos. The photos and the article were actually authored by a photographer who felt stared at and looked at oddly with her big red bush in a conservative work setting. Take a look.  What do you think about this?


The photos show hair styles that are typically seen on black woman, styled on white women in corporate suits.


Click on the image to view the article and SEE THE PHOTOS.




Love is a Stretch

Love is a Stretch  

 Relationship Advice

Love is a Stretch

I looked at this picture and it just caused me think about the stretching that goes on in any relationship. Any relationship, paternal, romantic, platonic…it doesn’t matter, it will cause you to stretch. Love is a stretch. The flexibility and continuous motion that comes with stretching causes growth. That growth causes maturity. Self work is up to us the individual. Choose to stretch, do the work. As you stretch and grow so will your relationships. You know stretching doesn’t feel so good when you first get started. It’s really pretty uncomfortable but if you stick with it, it becomes easier and the results are rewarding.


All that from a small picture I know but that is what I see. Thanks for reading.


Author: Deborah L. Mills

Speak the Truth In Love

Speak the Truth in Love not out of YOUR ANGER AND FRUSTRATION


How many times have you vowed to give someone a piece of your mind? Or said something because you just had to tell ’em? You know you can speak the truth, your truth, and speak it in love. The truth is just the truth. It does not have emotional baggage, WE DO! Can you count how many times you have attached a bunch of stuff to the truth that was really unnecessary? Most times it’s all the extra stuff that gets us in trouble.

Watch this short video. It’s a Revolutionary Relationship Tip to help you out. It sure has helped me.

By: Deborah L. Mills

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Tyler Perry’s Temptation – Run from It!

Temptation – Run from It!

Radio Interview with InspirRadio

Deborah and Jerome talk to radio host Roberta Fauntroy about Temptation in relationships. The conversation centers around Tyler Perry’s Temptation movie. Read the rest of this entry »

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