Too Pooped for Passion

Too Pooped for Passion

At some time or another most of us have been Too Pooped for Passion. It’s to be expected. BUT this shouldn’t be a regular occurrence. What’s the pain point here? One tired spouse and one neglected spouse. That’s pretty much what it boils down to.


When you vowed to become husband and wife, within those vows was also the commitment to fill certain needs for one another EXCLUSIVELY.

tired man

Affection, attention, and sexual fulfillment are needs to be filled by your mate. There is no magic number or time limit on how much affection do I have to give or just how often are you saying I have to do “it”. This solely depends on your mate. My wife may require a lot of attention. Yours may not. Sexual intercourse 3 days a week for some may work well for others it may be 5, for others once a month.


Let’s paint a vivid picture: When you became husband and wife you rightfully committed to each other that there are certain needs and desires that I won’t allow anyone else fill except you. Husband – I won’t let anyone quench my thirst except you.  Wife: I won’t allow anyone to drink from my fountain except you.


So, what do we do about this, being too pooped for passion? It begins with giving your spouse the proper place of value and worth in your heart. When you do this their needs and desires are placed high on your priority list.


This means YOU RESERVE ENOUGH ENERGY TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR SPOUSE. Fellas, I understand you don’t talk as much as a woman, so if you need to reserve some of your kind words for your wife when you get home do so. Don’t spend them all on the job. Ladies, you generally are the helper who tries to take care of those in need- filling your responsibility plate to over flowing. Now you are ready to collapse when your head hits the pillow.


Too Pooped for Passion

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Long Term Friendships are Like Diamonds in the Rough

Long Term Friendships are Like Diamonds in the Rough

Cherish their beauty, Hold on to them for a lifetime, and Polish them off when they get dusty.


We will continue to say it, “Relationships are the threads that weave the beautiful fabric of your life.”  The old adage, No Man is an Island, holds true today. We need each other. We need FRIENDSHIPS.

In our very transient world people are moving and relocating all the time. This means one day someone may be in your life on a daily or weekly basis, and the very next day they can be gone; relocated to the other side of the world. So today, when you find that special bond between you and another person hold on to it.


The ladies you see here have been friends since around 1982. Do we see each other every day? NO. Do we talk on the phone at least once a month? NO. Are we there for each other? YES. WE are no further than a phone call away.

When we met back in the ninth grade who would have imagined, that we would still be a part of each other’s lives some 31 years later. Weddings, births, deaths, graduations, birthdays, and we are still together. Do we make every celebration and special event? NO.

The point is, friendship is a relationship that you need in your life.  People that will help you grow, dust you off when you fall, and Read the rest of this entry »

Tina Turner to Get Married this Summer

Tina Turner to Get Married this Summer


Tina Turner, or should we just say Tina. Some stars, you call their first name and you know exactly who we’re talking about. Well, at 71 she looks marvelous and still sounds amazing.  Yet, that is not big news, we all know that.


The big news is that Tina is reportedly getting married this summer! Yes, at age 71. Tina is said to marry her partner Erwin Bach (57). Tina and her long time companion Erwin have been together since 1987 – almost 27 years. Tina Turner Photo


A 27 year relationship now-a-days is almost unheard of. We wish Tina Turner the best in her long-standing relationship and soon to be marriage.

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11 Reasons We Don’t Ask for Help. YET, We Know We Need It.

11 Reasons We Don’t Ask for Help. YET, We Know We Need It. Keep Calm

We don’t ask for HELP. WHY? At some point and time we all need help. So why do we find it difficult to ask for what we genuinely need? Have you ever seen someone struggling; you offer to help and they respond with the classic “I’m fine.” Or perhaps you have been the one to offer the “I’m fine” when it really wasn’t the truth. Author and coach Sallie Felton gives 11 reasons we don’t ask for help when we need it. They are listed here. Which ones fit you?

  1. “I don’t want to be a burden on them.”
  2. “If I ask for help, it’s being selfish.”
  3. “I feel obligated to help them in return.” Read the rest of this entry »

Perfect Valentine’s Evening with DeborahJerome

Perfect Valentine’s Evening with DeborahJerome


DeborahJerome has created a relationship revolution and what better day to really celebrate relationships than Valentine’s Day. We have created the perfect Valentine’s evening. This Valentine’s Day Celebrate with DeborahJerome. We are gathering together at Busboys and Poets in Shirlington, Virginia to get together for food, fun, and the fellowship and company of people who want to celebrate love right along with us.

Your relationships are priceless. People are the threads that help to weave the beautiful fabric of our lives.

Register today at






Share a perfect Valentine’s Evening with DeborahJerome.

SLOW DOWN: Remember to have FUN

Slow Down and remember to have fun. We are so busy today with all the things that demand our time. Watch this short video from DeborahJerome for a reminder to slow down and have some FUN. Enjoy your family and friends. Enjoy life.

Work Relations

Work Relationships in America


In corporate America there are new businesses popping up every day, why would a client choose you? In the corporate world you need to set yourself apart from the competition. Excellent customer relations is a way to do this. As a business owner or manager, you know the value of client relations. It is imperative that your employees have this same understanding. Customer relations are a major deciding factor in others choosing you.

Good customer relations does not equate to being social or overly friendly. It is being genuine with others, making them feel comfortable with your expertise, and attending to their needs in a timely manner. Though you have many clients, each client should feel as if they are the most valuable. Now that’s good customer relations.

Our Work Relations track has a single purpose and that is to change the trajectory of how your employees relate to one another and how they relate to clients bringing value and change to your earning potential.

C Me

C-Me! ™   


C-Me!  (Celebrate Me!) Celebrates the person you are. It helps you to recognize the value that is yours. This becomes easier as you realize the treasure and greatness that is stored within you. If you’re not married and desire to be, please don’t self doubt. If you haven’t landed that great job in the field you went to school for, please don’t self doubt. Age, economic status, and marital status are irrelevant when it comes to knowing who you are. C-Me  is all about relating to yourself and then relating to others in a positive way.

Negativity comes at you like flaming arrows. Like superman, you shield them off with your hard exterior, while on the inside there is a longing to let down the guard and just be the authentic you. Who is the authentic you? Finding this person is a process. It means discovering your true temperament versus the behaviors learned through your environment.


Give yourself permission to live your best life. Invest in yourself, you’re worth it.  Discover how great you really are. Even if you think you have it all together, stick with DeborahJerome, we will help you dig a little deeper and discover your untapped treasures.

2 – 1

2 to 1: And Two Shall Become One™

How can YOU Overcome the 50% Odds that YOUR Marriage will End in Divorce?


We just watched a show that stated the average marriage lasts only 8 years. It also stated that 50% of all marriages in the United States end in divorce, with the rate being higher among the Hollywood spotlight, with only 35% of Hollywood marriages succeeding. Wow! What a bleak statistic.

It doesn’t have to be this way. A marriage is meant to last a lifetime. Yet, a fairytale marriage will not happen just because you wish for it. Knowledge is required. What you don’t know can destroy your relationship. Marriage should bring increasing joy to a husband and wife. It should get better with time. It is ever growing and changing.

How do you overcome the odds of a 50% divorce rate? One way is to never stop learning; never stop laughing; never stop loving. Not the touchy feely kind of love but love that is patient, kind, endures, and does not fail. Decide failure is not an option, that focus will help keep you on course. It will compel you to find out what your wife likes this week. (Yes, this week, because if you know like I know, that is about how often her taste changes.) It drives a wife to find out what pleases her husband and then do that, which pleases him. Marriage is a journey that you are taking with your spouse. Enjoy the ride. Like a good roller coaster, take the turns with excitement, the uphill climb with anticipation, and the free fall drop with your hands in the air shouting for joy. Read the rest of this entry »

Relationship Revolution

“It’s Time YOU Join the Revolution”


You are not reading this by chance. You must be ready to experience continued growth in your relationships. It’s your time to join the Relationship Revolution with DeborahJerome! Yes! This is your time. 

We are no longer settling for good enough in our relationships. Better is available and we’re going after it. Get on board and go with us. If you’re already on board, grab a friend and bring them too.

Revolutions don’t just happen, the people get tired of the status quo and rise up to revolutionize things. Well we’re tired of marriages becoming stagnant and even failing, tired of hearing people complain about family and work relations. Enough is enough. The Revolution has begun. You deserve and can experience continued growth and fulfilled in your relationships. Today is your day, join the Relationship Revolution!

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