Long Term Friendships are Like Diamonds in the Rough

Long Term Friendships are Like Diamonds in the Rough

Cherish their beauty, Hold on to them for a lifetime, and Polish them off when they get dusty.


We will continue to say it, “Relationships are the threads that weave the beautiful fabric of your life.”  The old adage, No Man is an Island, holds true today. We need each other. We need FRIENDSHIPS.

In our very transient world people are moving and relocating all the time. This means one day someone may be in your life on a daily or weekly basis, and the very next day they can be gone; relocated to the other side of the world. So today, when you find that special bond between you and another person hold on to it.


The ladies you see here have been friends since around 1982. Do we see each other every day? NO. Do we talk on the phone at least once a month? NO. Are we there for each other? YES. WE are no further than a phone call away.

When we met back in the ninth grade who would have imagined, that we would still be a part of each other’s lives some 31 years later. Weddings, births, deaths, graduations, birthdays, and we are still together. Do we make every celebration and special event? NO.

The point is, friendship is a relationship that you need in your life.  People that will help you grow, dust you off when you fall, and be happy with you when you succeed – FRIENDS.

Still looking for friendship that will last? Answer these few questions:

Have you self elected to be alone?

Do you show yourself friendly?

Would you want YOU as a life time friend?

Close friendships are not plentiful like cubic zirconium. They are the real deal, and like diamonds they are harder to come by. YET, they are worth the wait, worth the labor to find, and worth the value of your investment.


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  1. DeborahJerome

    @Len You are not alone! That’s why we are here.

  2. DeborahJerome

    @Stephanie. We are generally such givers, that receiving is hard to do. Our good friends want to be there for us. That’s part of what makes them a good friend, being there. It’s good to allow them this opportunity. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Stephanie M. Raines


    This is great post and great reminder. I know when the challenges of life come I retreat from my friends. I now understand I should lean on them just as I allowed them to lean on me.

  4. Len

    You ladies only look 31 years old. Thank you for encouraging relationships. I could use it.

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