How to Get Organized with Kids

How to Get Organized with Kids

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How to Get Organized with Kids, is it possible? Sure it’s possible, the key is to define organization for your household. Don’t compare yourself to your neighbors or the folks you see on TV. Don’t even compare your life today to the life you had before children. Sit down and define for your household what organization looks like in this season of your life.
Be sure to give yourself and your children room to grow.
Children can learn at a very young age to pick up behind themselves. Putting their clothes in the proper hamper specified for colored clothes and the one designated for whites is something little ones can do. They can pick up their toys and take their plate to the sink versus leaving it on the table. Let them help – they learn organization and the gift of contribution.
Can you do this as a busy parent? OF COURSE YOU CAN!
Watch the short video for a few minutes of insight and inspiration. Leave a comment and let me know how organization is going for you. Are you willing to take the pressure off of yourself?



  1. MJ

    Boy did I have to learn to stop stressing about my lack of timeliness and order. My little is almost 2 years old and things are finally getting settled. The good news is she loves to help in the kitchen especially with sleeping. That will be her future chore. I can’t wait.

    1. DeborahJerome

      MJ, I used to do the same thing! When you finally release yourself from the pressure it feels like a weight has been lifted. Your baby girl is only 2 years old. I’m so glad you found this out early on instead of when she turns 10. 🙂

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