Is there a ROAR in YOU? Thoughts provoked by Zakiya Larry

Is there a ROAR in YOU? Thoughts provoked by Zakiya Larry Female_Lion

After listening to speaker, media and PR mogul Zakiya Larry at a recent Vicki Irvin conference this thought popped up in me – Is there a ROAR in YOU?

This thought did not come to me right away. It was a whole 24 hours later. I was driving in my car with thoughts rolling through my mind. The words of Zakiya where leaping off the pages of my imagination. She never mentioned the word ROAR but this is what I saw – a baby lion and then a big lion.

The little lion appearing on the scene but the ROAR of a furious large cat coming from its belly.

Zakiya Larry is a media and public relations powerhouse and she gave powerhouse information in that area. But what I recount so vividly is her story of competing in beauty pageants and not fitting the mold. You see that’s where the little lion comes in.

She did not have the classic look of a beauty pageant contestant. Her eyes were not blue or even green. There was no long hair flowing down her back. There stood a 5′ 2″ petite brown girl from the state of Texas with brown eyes and the tenacity of a lion. It was the classic scene of David and Goliath as she stood against the towering 5′ 9″ and above women to compete.

However, like David she didn’t look at the obstacle as too big to concur. She didn’t look at the other contestants and what they had. She looked inside herself to honor what she had. Her self worth and self esteem had risen beyond that of the little lion.  Zakiya

The beautiful Ms. Larry knew she had a command over the English language like no other. So when she opened her mouth out came her ROAR and it could not be denied. She used her gift to do great things. She went on to win numerous crowns as some watched in awe, others cheered her on, and still some stood by confused on the sidelines.

Today she uses this same gift to perfect great things in the lives of others. She found her ROAR. Not loud and abrasive but powerful and strong.

The lesson here. Take command of your ROAR. It’s in you waiting to come out. Whether in business or in your personal life know your strengths and cultivate them well. When confronting Goliath don’t be so concerned with what he has. Spend your time being confident in what you’ve got and release your ROAR. Goliath will be slain and you will come out the victor.

My encouragement to you.

1) FIND your ROAR.



4) REPEAT steps two and three.

Like Zakiya Larry take charge of your ROAR.



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