Should I make a New Year’s REsolution?

Should I Make A New Year’s REsolution?

Have you ever taken the word resolution apart? I know I had not until the other day, and WOW, when I did what I saw was REsolution.  It placed something in my mind so different from the standard thought of a resolution. My standard thought of a resolution was a goal many people set at the first of the year and keep for about 3 weeks and then move on to something new.

I now see a resolution as a determination to go for the solution. How about that? When thought about in these terms it seems to hold much more power.  Every successful business, family, and individual person takes the time to set intentions, goals, and take corresponding actions.  These are the things that keep us moving forward as we learn from our past.

Now, let’s answer the question above. Should I make a New Year’s REsolution?  Yes. Milestone dates such as the beginning of a new year, birthdays, graduations, anniversary and the like are great times to take a look at what needs to be re-evaluated in your life. REsolutions allow you to:

  • Re-evaluate
  • Re-connect                      
  • Re-view
  • Re-examine and
  • Re-establish a resolves to go for the solution.

So what if you make the same resolution you made last year. Go for it! However, this time put a workable plan in place to help you succeed. What is a workable plan? In brief it is a plan that is attainable for you, time bound, and allows room to celebrate and measure small successes. It allows for flexibility as day-to-day life may throw you a curve ball.  This workable plan builds on accountability and successful intentions.

It’s your future; your destiny. Take hold of it, making conscious choices and decisions. Determine that YOU will go for the solution – even if it means making a REsolution.  If you don’t like the word “resolution” call it something different.

  • Goal
  • Plan
  • Aspiration

Whatever you call it, whenever you choose to do it – just get it done. Call it forth. Think it through. Write it down. Plan it out. Take the corresponding action. It’s your life.  It’s time to take a resolute stand so that you can experience the best that life and love have to offer.


Jerome and Deborah have declared a Relationship Revolution to keep relationships moving forward in a positive direction. They are here to help you experience the best life and love have to offer. Many years ago a couple named Fred and Joan, took time to pour wisdom into Jerome and Deborah. After 26 years of marriage, three kids, and one grand baby it’s now their turn to pour into YOU; helping YOU to see your relationships with selffamily, business, and others who have become a part of your life, in a new more brilliant light. Stick with DeborahJerome; together we’re going places.

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  1. Doreen

    You are so right to talk about taking the opportunity to re-evaluate. Making sure we’re focusing on those things and goals important to us. And then once you do, to make sure you have a workable plan.

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