Before I Do

Before I Do


Proof of skill and a proficient level of competency must be demonstrated to acquire most any type of license, except a marriage license. Why is this? This license constitutes one of the most life changing decisions you will ever make!

After all who is this person you believe you want to marry?  Up until now, you have dated a person who spends time getting ready to go out with you, to present themselves to you. This is a close representation of the true person. The fullness of the true person  will show up after you say “I Do” when there is no prep time to get ready and you just wake up next to each other.

Marriage is like two foreign countries coming together to form a new nation. This means new customs, policies, traditions, and structures must be agreed upon and established. It is a learning process for both people. 

There WILL BE bliss and there WILL BE challenge. Yet, challenges can be lessened with a foundational understanding of men, women, personal responsibility, and the marriage covenant. Whether you grew up in a home similar to Leave it to Beaver, the Cosby’s, or the Simpson’s, your family will be its own unique unit.

Are you  marrying with the thought, this is for life? We sure hope so.  Before you say “I Do” please;  let’s talk. It won’t be painful; we’ll make things fun and enjoyable, yet informative and thought provoking.