Speak the Truth In Love

Speak the Truth in Love not out of YOUR ANGER AND FRUSTRATION


How many times have you vowed to give someone a piece of your mind? Or said something because you just had to tell ’em? You know you can speak the truth, your truth, and speak it in love. The truth is just the truth. It does not have emotional baggage, WE DO! Can you count how many times you have attached a bunch of stuff to the truth that was really unnecessary? Most times it’s all the extra stuff that gets us in trouble.

Watch this short video. It’s a Revolutionary Relationship Tip to help you out. It sure has helped me.

By: Deborah L. Mills


1 comment

  1. Caryn Wilson

    Hi Deborah;
    Loved the short video about speaking the truth in love,need help in that area
    Not always easy when someone catches you off guard !
    Appreciate your website

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