Tina Turner to Get Married this Summer

Tina Turner to Get Married this Summer


Tina Turner, or should we just say Tina. Some stars, you call their first name and you know exactly who we’re talking about. Well, at 71 she looks marvelous and still sounds amazing.  Yet, that is not big news, we all know that.


The big news is that Tina is reportedly getting married this summer! Yes, at age 71. Tina is said to marry her partner Erwin Bach (57). Tina and her long time companion Erwin have been together since 1987 – almost 27 years. Tina Turner Photo


A 27 year relationship now-a-days is almost unheard of. We wish Tina Turner the best in her long-standing relationship and soon to be marriage.

WE LOVE RELATIONSHIPS and this is an amazing example of longevity. When two powerhouse people can stay together despite the spotlight and scrutiny that can invade privacy it is to be commended.  Kudos to Tina and Erwin! Many of us have a hard time holding a relationship together for 27 days, 27 months; not to mention 27 years.


At 71 would you be willing and ready to marry?

What do you think caused Tina to say YES or perhaps Erwin to say YES after so many years?


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Relationships with other are most valuable and precious. Whether your relationship is young and tender or old and seasoned (like ours), celebrate the successes and learn from the mistakes not repeating them again.


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